^ Final Exam ^

Hi , blogger . Long time no see , gentle dulu aku rajin gila update blog but now nak bukak blog pun malas , malasnak update pulak . berbulan lah jugak . ni pun tiba tiba terfikir  pasal blog ni balik . rasa rindu nak bukak tu yg bukak tu , well , i've been busy with a lot of things including school and haven't got time to update this blog at all . i know my blog is half dead .
Exam macam mana ? okay ? Lol , everythings is okay , A huge thanks to my right , left , in front , back and all my friends that gave me a lot of answers . Hahahahhaha , thank you ! *hugs* 
As i'm expected , my BI only in my knees la ! Waloaweh , Can't understand even one question . Ugh maybe first three question i will get full mark but the other ? *tutup muka* . Oh my lovely teachers , can you make me pass on BI ? 40% at least . Hurmm :(

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